From the recording Your no. 1 hero has fallen

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Hey, don’t believe the stories
I am with you
Removing all the obstacles in your way
I am still the same
I see things clearer
From another point of view

Repeating everything in the opposite way
You’re addicted to the stage
But it’s different today
Used to be a beacon in the dead of the night
Now you’re drinking holy water getting ready to fight

I heard the tales
I heard the rumours
I saw the blood and your name on a poster
Saw you possessing your fans like a demon
Come make me whole again

Make me
One of Your pretty little friends
Who can walk around in your leash
Doing what you want

We don’t wanna dance alone
We don’t wanna carry on without a reason
Go ahead now drink our blood

I used to make you sing
I used to make you cry a river
Used to be the number 1 hero
Now I’m drowning in a poisoned ocean

I will tell you more bout what I see here
I will show the enemies around you
We’ll stay the same whenever there are changes
I will meke you stay alive

I trust your words
Focus all my energy
I will set you free

Everything dies
But I try to look away
Hoping something will stay alive
Once I got a postcard
Now I’m just living without you

I was careles
I didn’t know
I was scared of everything that wasn’t you
But honestly
I think I made you wake up